The Oversized Sleeve Is Here To Stay

The Oversized Sleeve Is Here To Stay

Big Sleeves Are Not About To Go Away Any Time Soon

The oversized sleeve is one trend that has been around for a few seasons and has true staying power—abundantly seen in many designer collections such as Alexander Mc Queen, Ulla Johnson, Erdem, Gucci, and many more.


Carolina Herrera

Women love an oversized sleeve because of drama and a sense of power. It looks like modern armor and is perhaps the equivalent of the 80's shoulder pad power statement.



The statement sleeve often flatters the female silhouette by making everything else appear smaller in comparison, especially with a fitted bodice which creates the illusion of a smaller waist.


Alexander Mc Queen

One may ask where a commercial fashion trend stops and where theatricality begins? It is left to the woman to interpret the trend in the way that best feels her own aesthetic and is flattering, too. The more oversized sleeve is harder to pull off by anyone petite since the fabric volume can overwhelm and make the body appear shorter. For petite women, choosing a draped sleeve that is proportionately sized to her height is best.



If you are taller and braver, you can experiment with the more dramatic sleeve options abundantly offered by many designers. You can have fun with it; the look will undoubtedly steal the limelight. It is, however, a good idea to remember that even though the oversized sleeve is a long-lasting trend, the more extreme versions may not last as long. Those more theatrical versions can look tired, and last season's relatively fast.


Left: The Sagene Dress by Michail

Right: The Ortensia Blouse by Michail

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