The Journey of Creating Curve: A Size Inclusive Collection

The Journey of Creating Curve: A Size Inclusive Collection
I embarked on the Michail brand during a time when size inclusivity was not widespread. The fashion industry clearly segmented main and plus sizes, leaving many women without access to clothes they would be excited to wear. This issue became apparent as women expressed their love for my designs but felt excluded due to limited size options. One woman even asked how much weight she needed to lose to fit into the largest size available, which deeply saddened me. As a designer, I realized it was time to break away from the norm and create a change.

This realization led to the birth of my new collection within the brand, aptly named Curve. I wanted to start at size 14 and go up to 22-24, with hopes of expanding further if successful. To redefine perceptions, I introduced five alphabetical sizes (A-E) within this numerical range. Additionally, I encouraged all women, regardless of size, to know their measurements—a crucial aspect, especially when shopping online where sizing can vary across brands.

When designing the Curve collection, I aimed to avoid the pitfalls of simply enlarging regular sizes. Understanding that proportions change significantly in larger sizes, I ordered a tailor's mannequin with the specific proportions and measurements of my size C. This allowed me to create designs that catered to the unique curves and proportions of curvier women, providing a perfect fit and flattering silhouette.

Determined to offer exciting and sophisticated options, I curated the Curve collection to include a mix of easier shapes and more fitted structured pieces. I wanted to empower women and celebrate their curves, stepping away from the typical loose or empire waist styles that were prevalent. It was a joyous experience, collaborating with my fit model, Cassia, who provided valuable feedback throughout the design process.

With the collection complete, it was time for the photoshoot featuring the amazing Anysha, an internationally recognized plus-size model. Seeing the finished pieces styled on a model brought my vision to life, and it was truly a memorable and exciting moment for the brand.

Dioclea plus size shrug

The Dioclea Sequin Shrug Top

As the Curve collection was unveiled, the response exceeded my expectations. We received phenomenal feedback from customers, who loved our Eudokia or Mythodea dresses and were complimented on their Cypreea or Dioclea tops. Being a small brand that ethically handcrafts each piece at our LA atelier, the overwhelming demand proved challenging to keep up with. However, the positive feedback and support from customers fueled our commitment to expand Curve further.

The Lysee Papillon Long Dress

We aspire to grow the collection, introducing more styles that reach a broader audience of women. Our goal is to provide an aspirational product that women will cherish for years to come. We deeply appreciate the continued support and recommendations from our customers, and we promise to keep working tirelessly to bring them new and exciting designs that will spark their imagination.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Together, let's continue the journey of size inclusivity in fashion.

The Persephone Long Sequin Dress



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