Breathtakingly Unwearable Or Wearable Art ?

Junya Watanabe Jacket

We often feel that runway shows or highly stylized editorial shoots mainly address fashion's inner circle of professionals. It is sometimes the case, but not always. We can find inspiration in creative collections we don't always understand at first glance.

Junya Watanabe's Fall 2022 collection is filled with creative styles that appear unwearable initially. In his collection, there is a poetic romance where he delivers a dramatic gothic style with an elevated French Haute Couture look.


Exquisite leather work by Junya

The stark black leather with incredible detailing, dramatic silhouettes, and use of volume for maximum effect blow us away. This collection is a fashionable biker's dream with mixed Victorian and Japanese elements.

Wonderful mix of gothic, punk and Victorian styles.

Yes, it is not the most wearable of collections. But in these difficult times, is another wearable collection what we need? Or do we want to dream and be inspired? A designer such as Junya gives us just that. The license to dream. We can see past the editorial interpretation and borrow details that will update our everyday look.

I want to single out the great jackets worn with jeans, relaxed pants, or skirts for a dramatic but more wearable look.

The color mix as well as shape of the jacket are superb

Another collection with a similar gothic but more wearable feeling is that of Olivier Theyskens. Exquisite play of textures, sheer and opaque. Stunning patchwork designs cut on the bias. Mixes of lace and crochet and the addition of corsets all create the romantic nostalgia of a different era. A time when fast fashion did not exist, and beauty was the end result, however long it took.

Incredibly laborious dress with lace, crochet pieces cut on the bias as well as on straight grains, something that really requires amazing craftsmanship


Superbly cut this look is both modern and sophisticated


The patchwork assembly here is stunning

This look combines retro and modernity

At Michail we create our collections in our atelier utilizing the talents of our incredible team. Every piece is cut and sewn by hand individually. A laborious process that most commercial companies stay away from since it is not profit based. However, we believe a company can grow slowly but steadily through quality work and a love for creativity.



The Andromeda black sequin dress by Michail. A dramatic shape that steals the limelight.

Even though you will notice our look is different from both Junya and Theyskens, we share our love for strength and elegance with both. The customer between our brands is not dissimilar. She is confident and an individual. She loves to find unique pieces that speak to her appreciation of beauty and craftsmanship.

The Pella bodysuit by Michail. Mixing 4 fabrics, opaque, sheer, matte and sparkle to create an ethereal but powerful silhouette.

Above all else, this woman loves excitement and stimulation. She finds that in clothes that were created with love and passion. The work of Junya and Theyskens has both, and they need to be celebrated for that.

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